Afghani Seed

Afghani Strain

Afghani Strain

The Afghani strain is among the 780+ strains of cannabis that exist on our planet today. From the name alone, I believe you can guess its origin – Afghanistan. It has grown in popularity among connoisseurs of marijuana as one of the purest Indica strains.

  • Type 100% Indica
  • THC Upto 20%
  • Flowers 9 Weeks
  • Height Average
  • Yield 16 to 21 oz per 3x3ft
  • Difficulty Easy to grow

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With a THC content of about 15%, this strain of cannabis is perfect for persons with body aches and pains as it gives a relaxing and sedating high.

Here, we discuss Afghani strain seeds, growing the Afghani weed strain, and so much more!

Afghani Feminized Seeds

If you wish to plant the Afghani strain, you need Afghani feminized seeds. These seeds are on high demand among growers because they have all the desirable properties of Indica. They guarantee that you only produce female marijuana, which translates to a high-quality product.

Afghani feminized seeds are ideal for both screen-of-green (SCROG) and Sea of Green (SOG) techniques. With either method, these seeds can produce dense buds and strong branches capable of supporting the buds. For high-quality Afghani weed seeds, you can check out I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM). They have a vast assortment of cannabis seeds that includes Afghani Feminized seeds.

Origin of Afghani Strain

Weed was widespread in southern Asia and the Middle East before it spread to every corner of the world. In between Pakistan and Afghanistan, we have the Hindu Kush Mountains, where the Afghani strain originates from. This strain grows naturally in this area because it does well in hot, dry climatic conditions. It performs best during hot summer seasons, thanks to its hardy traits.

The strain started making its way to the Soviet Union, the US, and Scandinavia in the late ’60s, right before the American war on drugs began. Americans refined the Afghani weed strain and popularized it as one of the world’s purest Indica strains.

Today, you can find this type of Indica in almost every weed lineage. It is genetically predominant in Blueberry, Trainwreck, Northern Lights, Afghan Skunk, and Berry Blossom.

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Growing Afghani Seeds

Afghani weed is the strain for everyone, as it is straightforward to grow. Regardless of your farming experience, you can sow Afghani seeds and watch them grow to healthy short, branchy plants. The seeds are suited for Australian, Mediterranean, and Southern European climates. They do well in temperatures between 18 °C and 30°C.


If you plan to grow Afghani strain seeds indoors, you should go with the SOG (Sea of Green) method. This method directs that you plant your weed in many smaller plants instead of a few larger ones. The SOG technique is most preferred for small spaces because it saves you space while increasing your production yield per square meter.

The Afghani Strain might be strong and resistant to harsh climatic conditions, but it needs close monitoring and heavy feeding. If underfed, it gets susceptible to pests and mold. Make sure you feed your Afghanis with hydroponic nutrients rich in nitrogen to make them grow taller and healthier.

Side-Note: Growing this weed strain outdoors requires extra skill and handle as it can suffer water damage and suffer attacks from pathogens and mold.


Appearance-wise, the Afghani weed strain is an ordinary-looking Indica. However, you can notice the uniquely attractive coloration that comes from its pistils. It also has a shiny appearance that we can attribute to its gooey resin.

With a clone, a hydroponic setup, and SOG, you can achieve quick flowering – within five to eight weeks. You want the flowering time to be as short as possible because keeping up with the heavy feeding schedule can bring about significant challenges.

Practice trimming to increase your yield significantly. Remove the buds growing under the main branches to minimize competition for nutrients and ensure the nutrients go to the majority of the plant growth. Also, you can snip off the highest tips to encourage lateral growth.


On average, SOG will give you a yield of 500g/m2. It’s advisable to harvest Afghani weed when it’s less than 1m tall. You should dry this strain as soon as you harvest it if you want to keep its rich, beautiful color.

To learn more about growing the Afghani Strain, you should download the free Marijuana Grow Bible from ILGM.

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Experiencing Afghani Strain

Afghani weed is perfect for night-time, especially right before you go to sleep. It gives off a relaxing sensation that will calm your mind and alleviate your pain. When consuming the Afghani strain, you will experience a high on a physical level. It gives you a high that starts from various parts of your body and slowly gets to your brain.

I recommend this weed strain for night use because it is an Indica. Unlike its Sativa counterparts, Afghani weed doesn’t raise your energy levels. It offers you sedation and gives you a good night’s sleep that allows you to wake up feeling revitalized. I also need to add that this strain of weed will increase your appetite; hence, you need to have food ready for when you wake up or once the high wears down.

Afghani Strain Taste & Smell

When you take the Afghani strain, you can tell it’s the real deal from its pungency. It smells like a lawn of freshly cut grass. The nose is somewhat a combination of deep earthy scent and a hint of Pinesol-like aroma. The taste of this strain is just as earthy as its smell. As soon as it hits your tongue, you can expect to feel soothed by the taste of woody, reminiscent hashish.

This strain of Indica has cannabinoid-rich buds that give out hints of citrus and pine after they dry and cure. Resin from the Afghani weed strain will feel tacky on your fingers and leave a sticky film of nectar.

Buy Afghani Seeds

Good weed comes from good seeds. I Love Growing Marijuana is a reliable source for Afghani seeds. They also have seeds for other strains of cannabis that do well in the Australian climate. Examples of these weed strains include White Widow, Super Skunk, Blue Dream, and Blueberry.

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