BC Big Bud Strain

BC Big Bud

BC Big Bud

BC Big Bud Strain

Do you have the BC Big Bud cannabis seeds and not ready to plant them? Do you know how to store them? Proper storage of the BC Big Bud cannabis seeds averts deterioration and decay issues.

  • Strength High
  • Stone Body stone
  • Speed Autoflower
  • Height 50cm-60cm
  • Yield 400g/m22
  • Harvest 65-75 days

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Do you have the BC Big Bud cannabis seeds and not ready to plant them? Do you know how to store them? Proper storage of the BC Big Bud cannabis seeds averts deterioration and decay issues.

All cannabis seeds are susceptible to dormancy, thus enabling long-term storage. It’s crucial to opt for a trustworthy seed bank to get the quality seeds. This post will explain the necessary factors that you need to consider during the storage of cannabis seeds.


The BC Big Bud weed seeds absorb moisture from humid areas and dry out due to the lack of moisture. To prevent damage from moisture, you should store your seeds at a relative humidity level of about 30 percent.

A high humidity level of about 40% will cause germination and rotting. Lower levels of about 8% will activate pests and facilitate their reproduction. When storing for extended periods, maintain a low humidity level of about 10%..


High temperatures will reduce the consistency and viability of weed seeds. For example, storing your seeds next to the heating appliance will promote germination due to heat absorption. Fungi and mold may also develop and affect the health of the seeds.

Ensure you store your BC Big Bud weed seeds in a dry and cool area. You may keep them in your fridge since it’s always cold, but ensure the container has no trapped air. Note that temperature fluctuations will significantly reduce your seed’s longevity. 

Storage Methods

Here are the common storage methods for BC Big Bug cannabis seeds;


Although your refrigerator is cold, you need to consider the fluctuating temperature due to power blackouts. When storing your weed seeds in the fridge, you should put them in an airtight vessel to enhance seed stability, and prevent mold development. The perfect way of storing cannabis seeds for short-term periods is putting them in dark and lockable containers in your refrigerator.

Room Temperature

If you are want to store your seeds for years, keep them in airtight vessels within room temperature.


Place your seeds in a vacuum-sealed container and store them in your freezer. Freezing is the most compelling option if you are keeping your seeds for extended periods. It would be best if you germinated the seeds immediately after removing them from your freezer. Note that that freezing may destroy the seed’s cells.

Storage containers

If your BC Big Bud seeds are packed in vacuum seals, ensure the package remains intact during storage. You can use a residence vacuum sealer to for keeping your seeds.

An airtight container like a lockable glass jar is also appropriate for storage. Avoid plastic containers since their seals may not be effective in restricting air and water molecules from passing through the plastic containers’ pores.

Vessels with different materials on the lid and body (for example, a plastic body and a glass body) are not adequate since they contract and expand differently. This process allows moisture to flow in and exposes seeds to fluctuations in temperature.

Glass containers are highly efficient in optimal storage conditions. They maintain a consistent temperature necessary for your seeds.


Maintain a clean storage space that restricts air. Restricting air from reaching seeds will avert or minimize seed respiration and consequently inhibit premature germination. A dingy environment supports the reproduction of pests that could destroy your weed seeds.

A clean surrounding also prevents contaminants such as microbes from interfering with your seed’s quality.


The above details offer insight that will assist in storing your BC Big Bud seeds adequately. Regardless of your skill level, you should always get your seeds from reputable seed banks. The bank should protect your privacy, deliver quality seeds, and have your interest at heart. 

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