The best hybrid strains

Best Hybrid Strains

We’ve compiled a list of the best hybrid strains through years of research and surveys from cannabis lovers. There are two major types of cannabis, namely, Sativa and Indica. These plants have found tremendous uses mostly for recreational purposes besides medicinal purposes. Despite their similarities, these two have different uses. Sativas are the head-high type that presents the consumer with an energizing effect to combat anxiety and stress while increasing your creativity and focus. Their stimulating effect has made them a favorite for many people seeking freedom from exhaustion or stress. Indicas, on the other hand, are the full-body affecting sibling of Sativa. They are known for their success in securing the body and mind’s deep relaxation to instill a calmness over consumers. They also do a great job in reducing insomnia.

Hybrids of cannabis are simply the strains of marijuana that strike a balance between Indicas and Sativas. We refer to a strain that can produce both the effects of Sativas and Indicas simultaneously, albeit, in varying degrees. The classification of hybrids is based on their ability to initiate a balance of Sativa and Indica effects. Depending on the specific species lineage, hybrids can either be energizing, relaxing, or both. Below is a list of some of the best hybrid strains on the planet.

Blue Dream


This hybrid strain is dominant in Sativa. It originated from California, USA, and has risen the popularity ranks to achieve legendary status among its close competitors on the West Coast. The hybrid strain attained a perfect balance between a full-body relaxation and a gentle bran invigoration. These effects from the Blue Dream hybrid were achieved through the crossing of Blueberry and Haze. Many communities of consumers fancy the efficacy of Blue Dream and commend the means with which the strain eases one gently into a calm state of euphoria. The Blueberry lineage ensures a sweet berry aroma that has grown to be a particular favorite for many.

The effects of Blue Dream have a record swiftness that has rendered their use as daytime medication appropriate. The hybrid strain also shows a very low level of sedation, making it perfect for daytime consumption. Blue Dream has found applications in the management of pain, nausea, and depression. The high count of THC also makes it a suitable contender for ailments that require management with high THC content. However, there have been reported paranoia cases associated with the consumption of Blue Dream besides anxiety and dizziness.

Girl Scout Cookie Strain

girl scout cookie strains

This hybrid strain was previously known as Girl Scout Cookies. It hails from California with OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid as the parents. Its growth in popularity saw an increase in demand and subsequent explosion in its use. GSC hybrid strain possesses a sweet earth-like aroma and posts significant euphoric effects. Its consumption draws the user to a world of total euphoria coupled with the relaxation of the body and brain. This hybrid strain comes in a variety of phenotypes, including Thin Mint and Platinum GSC.

GSC is the strain of the future with a commendable THC level, which has won the strain several awards. Its success has seen integration and use by patients that require relief from pain, nausea, and lack of appetite. Consumers and patients that feel the need to cultivate this strain on their own have to wait for nine or ten weeks before getting the twisted calyxes in purple leaves. GSC also helps in relieving stress and combating depression. However, patients have complained over paranoia and anxiety upon use.

Original Glue

Original Glue Strain

This hybrid strain is one of the most popular brands on the market at the moment. It is highly potent and delivers a feeling of extreme happiness and leaves you completely relaxed. Consumers of this strain unanimously agree that it leaves them “stuck” to the sofa. GG Strains developed this strain from three parent strains. The Original Glue hybrid strain produces an earthy pungent smell from its chunky buds full of resin.

The effects of the Original Glue strain of hybrid cannabis vary from many positives to some negatives. Original Blue produces a feeling associated with relaxation of the highest degree. Consumers tend to feel very happy and show states of excitement and joy. Several users have recorded feeling uplifted from after consumption. This strain helps with relieving stress and combating depression. It also alleviates pain and reduces insomnia. However, there are isolated cases of increased paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness.

Wedding Crasher

wedding crasher strain

This hybrid gem is the product of the symbiosis between the Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. The result is a mixture of smooth vanilla flavors with a tinge of grape from the Purple Punch. Symbiotic Genetics first developed the product, and the fame acquired a life of its own. The herb is exceptionally uplifting in most situations keeping the user focused on the set objectives. The general description of the Wedding Crasher by many revolves around the relaxation that is achieved and the ability of the herb to clear the head in preparation for work. It also helps with anxiety and depression concordant with patients who have post-traumatic stress disorder. However, some users have complained about mild headaches upon the consumption of the Wedding Crasher. Most people are also left with a dry mouth or eyes with several others complaining of dizziness.

In conclusion, there are three broad classifications of cannabis. Depending on the preferences of the consumers, one may choose to have the Sativa strain, the Indica strain, or a composite mixture of both. This combination of both the Sativa and the Indica strain is what we refer to as the hybrid. Whereas the Sativa strains energize and the Indica strain relaxes the body, the hybrid posts a little aspect of each for its final effects. There are several types of a hybrid strain of cannabis in the market at the moment. However, some of the best hybrid strains include the Original Glue, Blue Dream, GSC, and the Wedding Crasher. These strains offer the best combination of cannabinoid effects for any consumer on the market.

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