Best Sativa Strains

Cannabis sativa is among the most popular annually herbaceous flowering plant on the face of the earth. The plant traces its origin from East Asia but time has seen its cosmopolitan distribution through widespread urban cultivation. Besides, botanists regularly engage time effort and resources to produce the plant throughout history. For this reason, several strains of the plant exist. Below are some of the best sativa strains known to man.

Amnesia Haze

amnesia haze best sativa strains

This particular strain of sativa gives the best mixture of sativa genetics. Amnesia Haze posts the highest THC percentage in direct comparison to other strains. This percentage stagnates at a whopping 25% THC buds. The buds of this strain are also relatively large and highly pure in sativa. A small-time, indoor sativa grower can easily amass up to six hundred grams for every square meter of planting space. Besides, this strain shows increased resistance to molds and increases shelf life. However, Amnesia Haze posts some cons too. The plant will take up to eleven weeks to mature and flower, but the product is usually worth the wait.

Sour Diesel


For a sativa strain that first emerged in the early 90s, Sour Diesel has stood the test of time. This strain from the Northern Shiva and Hawaii is ranked among the best sativa strains ever to exist. Sour Diesel stays true to its name with resinous buds dense with THC. It is no wonder it offers a robust and hard-hitting peak popular with many consumers. As a bonus, this strain produces uniform branches that make outdoor growth possible, albeit with a bit of control and topping. On the other hand, reviewers cite the resinous stinky buds as a con that will require ventilation for odor control.

Jack Herer


This particular strain got its name from the famous marijuana activist Jack Herer. As far as quality goes, Jack Herer does not disappoint. The strain is popular for its crème brulee-like taste and fast turn over. With the right care, some Jack Herer can be ready in just eight weeks. Furthermore, the percentage of THC content is among the top, standing at 20%. Besides, this sativa strain can grow very well indoors as much as outdoors. This gives growers enough room for choice depending on the need. The yields remain high in each case.

Strawberry Cough


This particular strain of cannabis sativa is meant for the consumers that prefer a fruity taste without as much as sacrificing quality and strength. Strawberry Cough is one of the most fun cannabis sativa strains to cultivate. Its appearance is breathtaking too. The growth of this strain of sativa produces buds which turn shades of purple and red. Best quality is realized under cold climate with moderate rainfall. However, consumers and growers alike have to watch out for mold. The 24% THC content in the buds of the plant, however, make it a suitable contender at the top strains.

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Bruce Banner


Delta9 Laboratories breed this strain. The source of the name is no mystery for comic lovers and interested parties either. This strain has great popularity in the US and Australia. It is easy to identify with its dense, potent and dark buds. Test results reveal THC contents of about 23%. This is one of the most potent existing strains in the market to date. Also, Bruce Banner boasts of several phenotype that make it suitable for growth under many climatic conditions. The compact growth with leaves that turn magenta towards flowering season is hard to miss. The yield is excellent, but the plant needs to be kept dry during the flowering period.

Green Crack


This strain is perfect for high energy requirement. It is considered popular for this very effect. The energy turnover of the Green Crack is commendable with statistics of over 20%. The biggest deal, however, for the Green Crack remains to be the ease with which it grows. The strain is perfect both on the outdoor basis and indoor cultivation. Furthermore, the Green Crack sativa strain deliver within a record fifty-five-day flowering period. To cap it all, Green Crack can produce up to three kilograms per plant. The product is also mold resistant with a fruity-skunky flavor.

Maui Wowie


The Maui Wowie is native to Hawaii. The strain produces large plants that are perfect for outdoor growth. The sativa strain is legendary with a guaranteed yield full of citrus and flower tastes. However, the plant takes longer to mature, and growers risk getting low yields if they harvest too early. The quality of the buds would still wow any consumer.

Blue Dream



The Blue Dream is the ultimate choice for consumers with a flare to the energetic sativa effect. The yields of this strain are enormously dense, and its effects stand among the best. The buds are mold resistant; therefore, increasing the shelf life considerably. The strain is a product of Haze and blueberry, giving a highly sought after flavor. The great overall taste is concordant with the high energy field that the strain produces.




The popular Trainwreck is a product of Thai and Mexican seed strains. The produce is, therefore, a potent strain with up to 25% THC content. The growth rate of this particular strain is aggressive. It is bushy and can reach impressive heights. The strain is green with pine and black pepper flavors. No other strain measures up in the ability to kill boredom.

Super Lemon Haze



Being last on the list doesn’t make Super Lemon Haze the least sativa strain on the market. The growth is slow but rewarding. Patient growers get a chance to savor great lemon flavors and high potency. Consumers everywhere enjoy the great fruity flavor and a robust high feel. Growers also enjoy high yields following proper cultivation guidelines. As a rule, the strain requires high-intensity light and plenty of nutritious soil during the vegetative stages.