Best Weed Strains of 2020

best weed strains in australia 2020

There’s nothing better than a big fat bowl of Cannabis, although blunt smokers will surely argue on this one. After a long, hard day, a little bit of weed is right on point. It helps you to relax, forget your troubles, and get some downtime. Our guide of the best weed strains should help you out.

Of course, we all know that some weed is far better than others. Due to centuries of cultivation, this plant has come to have a lot more variety than it ever had in the wild. With that in mind, let’s examine a few of the most popular weed strains on the market right now.

Matanuska Thunderfuck Strain

metanuska thunderfuck strainAlso called Alaskan Thunderfuck, this interestingly-named strain is famed for its potency. With a name like this, you just know it’s going to blow your mind when you take that first hit. You might be surprised to know that this weed is, in fact, grown in the snowy Matanuska tundra in Alaska.

Although Marijuana is a tropical plant, it can indeed grow well in these conditions. The quality of this strain is living proof of that fact. It ranges from 18%-20% THC, which explains why it’s known far and wide as one of the strongest and best weed strains out there. Some people also call it “Matanuska Tundra” if small children or sensitive people are around.

Apart from its potency, this one is also famed for its good taste. Some people describe it as a chocolate/fruity taste, kind of like dipping strawberries in chocolate syrup. It’s hard to believe that such a great thing can grow from the snow and ice of the frozen north, but that is the reality.

Bruce Banner #3 Weed Strain

bruce banner 3 strainYou have probably heard of this strain, as it is quite hot in the streets right now. This is one of three sub-strains that were created from the original “Bruce Banner” weed, and it’s probably the most popular of the three.

As you may know, it is named after the Incredible Hulk, a green character who is known for hitting hard. Likewise, this bud will smack you upside the head with a blast of THC, and you’ll be begging for more of the same. At a THC level of 23%-29%, it might actually be too strong for some people. We would recommend that you smoke this one when you don’t have anything to do for a while!

If you have bought this kind of bud in the past, you might be wondering if it’s a Sativa or an Indica. This one is a hybrid of the two, but it’s about 80% Sativa and only 20% Indica. Thus, it offers an uplifting Sativa high with the distinctive body buzz of the Indica plant. This one has become especially popular for the making of concentrates.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Strain

girl scout cookies strainSometimes called GSC for short, this strain has become a market mainstay, both on the streets and in the dispensaries. It was created from a crossing of OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel. At 19% THC, it isn’t one of the world’s strongest and best weed strains. However, it is more than strong enough to get the job done.

If you want something that will mellow you out without putting you to sleep, GSC might be a good choice for you. This weed is really heavy on the terpenes, which translates to a spicy, peppery kind of taste. It also has a hint of citrus which complements the total package nicely.

Most people report an upbeat and happy mentality while on this weed, which might explain why it is so popular. In many ways, this one is a typical Sativa strain, although it is tastier and stronger than most others.

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain

granddaddy purple strainYou just knew there was going to be a purple strain on this list, as it is known to be highly sought-after. There are many purple strains of weed out there, but this one has proven to be the most consistently popular. By crossing the Big Bud strain with some Purple Urkle, they may have created the king of the purple pot varieties. As purple weed goes, this is one of the best weed strains out there.

At a minimum of 20% THC (and a maximum of 27%), it’s not hard to see how that crown was won. This is a very cerebral weed, with most people reporting that it made them think very deeply. Thus, it’s a great choice for those contemplative evenings. This strain is also great for therapeutic purposes because of its relatively high level of CBD. Perhaps one of the best things about this weed is the fact that it tastes a little bit like grape flavoring. Thus, its color is appropriate in every way.

Triple Diesel Weed Strain

triple diesel strainThere are many types of Diesel out there, but all of them are known for their harsh bite and their brisk high. The pungent smell of this weed makes it pretty easy to recognize, and many smokers have come to prefer it highly. With such a distinctive smell, it is easier for a street customer to know what they are buying.

This one gives a nice positive high that lifts you up without bringing you down. As it has grown in popularity, the original strain of Diesel weed has been refined into this one. As you might guess, it is called triple diesel because it combines three separate varieties: Strawberry Diesel, Sour Diesel, and New York City Diesel. It is considered one of the best weed strains on the planet.