Blue dream strain

Blue Dream

Blue Dream

Blue dream strain

Cannabis experts call the Blue Dream cannabis seeds a Sativa-dominant hybrid that first started in California. With the Sativa-dominant hybrids, you will most likely feel creative and productive as a result of smoking it. This plant will express the dominant characteristics of the dominant parent, which in this case is the Sativa.

  • Plant Type 40% Indica 60% Savita
  • Strength High
  • Stone Relaxed
  • Flowers Moderate
  • Height Tall
  • Yield 21 ounces per square meter
  • Harvest 9-10 Weeks

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Legendary Status

Blue Dream cannabis seeds have achieved the status of a legendary mark among the strains of the West Coast. The name would have you believe that you will feel a lazy and couch-locked kind of high. In truth, this strain penetrates through walls of creative barrier, and it boosts your mood at the same time. Watch as your gray worries melt into a sunny blue sky.


Effects of This Plant

Let’s have a look at this plant and what it bestows upon those who inhale its loving smoke. One of the most common reports is that you will feel this calm and gentle euphoria come over your mind. The cerebral rush takes you on a roller coaster that will help you to see wonderful things. At its height, you will feel this increased sense of focus, and you will feel a boosted sense of motivation.

Once the high begins to build up, you will feel this ultra-relaxing state of mind take root in your mind. For those who experience chronic pain, Blue Dream can take away some of the pain. Everything gets increasingly focused with creative waves of energy that come hard and hit fast. To sum it up, you will feel great when you finish up with this one.


Aroma and Flavor

Like with each plant, they all have their own flavor and aroma. The fruit loops strain, for example, has a fruity flavor that smells as good as what it sounds. When we look at this strain, it has this delicious flavor of blueberry and sugar, which stays in the air and remains a long lasting characteristic of this plant. The flavor remains on your tongue even long after it has gone.


How It All Began

The Blue Dream cannabis first came from Santa Cruz, California. This strain of cannabis first sent waves through the medical cannabis industry, but no one knows exactly where it came from. Eventually, DJ Short, a cannabis breeder who pioneered the cannabis industry since the early 1970s, had his attention caught by this one. He began to work tirelessly to give us the version of it that we know today. DJ Short is one of the most trusted and renowned sellers in the community, and he has done a great deal of good work for this industry.


How to Spot This Cannabis

You will know that you have Blue Dream weed seeds when you see nuggets that has frosty covered buds. The trichomes will almost sparkle with this one. Meanwhile, they will still seem light in color in comparison some of the other cannabis choices out there.

As stated before, Blue Dream weed seeds first gained reputation within the medical community, and it has some great effects without it acting as a heavy sedative. You most likely won’t want this strain if you suffer from severe anxiety because of how it can worsen the symptoms, but it has proven effective for those who have depression, a lack of appetite and chronic fatigue.

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