Blue Widow

Blue Widow

Blue Widow strain

Blue Widow weed seeds is a crossbreed of White Widow and Blueberry cannabis. It provides users with calming and uplifting effects, and it has a dominant sweet aroma, which includes pine or sour citrus. The buds are colorful, and they have a coat of orange hair. The strain grows taller than many other indicas.

  • Plant Type50% Indica 50% Savita
  • THC Content12-17%
  • Stone Relaxing
  • Height Tall
  • Yield 19 oz per plant
  • Harvest late September

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Blue Widow Marijuana strains have an extraordinary color that develops after the buds start appearing, and many experienced growers are choosing them due to their high-quality harvest and unusual coloring. The intensity of the blue hues varies from one blue hue strain to the other, and the growing conditions affect the color level significantly. Plants exposed to cold air in their later growth stages produce more vivid blues.

The first blue weed strain was the Blueberry strain that came into being in the 1970s. The weed, developed in Holland, won the High Times Cannabis Cup in the year 2000, therefore, sealing its reputation as a premier weed. Blueberry is a dominant hybrid of indica plants from Oaxaca in Southern Mexico and Thailand. The cannabis gives great euphoric hit, and it is among the strains that most medical marijuana dispensaries in the United States prescribe for stress, pain relief, and nausea.

Blue Widow Cannabis is among the highly popular cannabis strains and a crossbreed of White Widow and Blueberry, two of the strains that have won the High Times Cannabis Cup. As the plant matures, its leaves and buds develop deep shades of purple and blue. The noticeably blue color takes on as the plant starts flowering, and the large buds feature a velvet-textured appearance.

The Flowering Time of Blue Widow Weed Seeds

When grown indoors, Blue Widow cannabis seeds yield an average of around 19 ounces of bud per every square meter. The flowering stage starts after 8 to 9 weeks, and at that time, the weed will be ready for harvesting.

When grown outdoors, the yield can extend to 35 ounces per plant. The harvesting of Blue Marijuana mostly happens in late September and early October.


This Marijuana strain offers a gentle high, and that might be the reason why most novices opt for it. It provides a subtle high that leaves the users feeling relaxed and worry-free without feeling couch-locked and heavy. People in need of giggles find the strain the right choice because it makes them feel as though they are wrapped in warm fuzzy blankets.

The hybrid makes the user feel thoroughly inspired and uplifted, something that makes them more productive. Blue weed keeps the user clear-headed, allowing them to complete many things. They rarely feel disorientated or sluggish, something expected with many other strains.

The fragrance

This type of cannabis has a hybrid smell that is inherited from the parent strains. It will fill your room with an overpowering blueberry scent mixed with an earthiness, which changes into a sweet and fruity fragrance when inside the nose. It also lasts in the air for a long time.


The strain has a unique flavor that makes it an excellent choice for people who create edibles. It provides tree-fruit taste with an earthy citrus presence that entices the users for more. The strong blueberry flavor embodies what the hybrid cannabis offers, thanks to the parent cannabis strains.


Resistance to diseases: Resists common mildew and molds

  • Growth level: Easy
  • Climate: Temperate and hot outdoor climate
  • Outdoor yield: 35 oz per plant
  • Indoor yield: 19 oz per plant
  • Indica/Sativa: 50 percent/50 percent
  • CBD percentage: 0.30 percent
  • THC Content: 12 percent – 17 percent
  • Plant height: tall
  • Flowering time outdoor: Late September and early October
  • Flowering time Indoors: 8-9 weeks



The fruity weed hybrid is an effective treatment for various chronic illnesses such as backaches, chronic pain, joint pain, and cramps. A large percentage of the people who use the strain are cancer patients who rely on it to increase their appetite and nix nausea. This cannabis strain also slows down the breath of insomniacs and depressives and inspires a meditative state allowing them to sleep. Contact us today for the best Blue Widow Cannabis Seeds.

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