blueberry strain



blueberry strain

There are many cannabis strains in the world, but none compares with the award-winning Blueberry weed seeds. Developed by DJ Shot in the late 1970s and obtained by Dutch Passion in the 1980s, the strain is the most popular among the Blue Family strains.

  • Plant Type 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • THC Content 14-19%
  • Stone Relaxing
  • Flowers 9 weeks
  • Height 50cm-60cm
  • Yield 18oz/ m2
  • Harvest October

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The development of cannabis paved the way for the emergence of other strains. Blueberry-Headband, Blueberry-Diesel, and Blueberry-Dream are just a few strains that originated from the famous cannabis.


Indica Dominant

Blueberry weed seeds have large amounts of Afghaniindica and small quantities of Thai Sativa. The Indica content gives users a splendid weed feeling. Blueberry cannabis also has some amounts of Sativa, which makes it more powerful. Additionally, small quantities of Mexican Sativa reinforce the weed’s power.


The cannabis plant produces giant leaves rich in resin. Besides, the stems, leaves, and flowers make the plant one of the most beautiful ever developed. The plant has a combination of purple and blue colors on its stems, leaves, and flowers.


An average amount of THC makes any weed the right choice for users. This strain has the required amount of THC, which stands at 20%. This makes it readily inhalable while reducing the side effects.

Grows Anywhere

Just like other weed plants, cannabis can grow both inside and outside. However, if you want more harvest, growing its seeds outside guarantees plentiful yields.


Weed users are always on the run looking for the best weed with the right aroma. Fortunately, the fruity plant offers you a sweet smell and berry-like flavor. Its natural scent and taste make the weed the most preferred by herb enthusiasts.


The effect that any weed renders is what makes you want to continue using it for long periods. The plant that makes you happy and relaxed is preferred, and the Afghani-Thai strain rightly does that.

Lack of sleep can be, at times, devastating. Finding the right remedy for sleepless days and nights can be hard. However, Blueberry makes you sleepy so you can resume your daily routine feeling energized.

The Indica content is what makes you euphoric and relaxed. The small amounts of Sativa make you high, while appropriate THC levels help you to stay strong throughout the day.

Medical Benefits

The medical benefits of marijuana cannot go unmentioned. The Afghani-Thai strain is an excellent remedy for your health conditions. It cures ailments such as:

  • Depression
  • Lack of sleep
  • Nervousness
  • Pain
  • Stress

Adverse Reactions 

Despite the hugely positive effects and medical benefits that the weed offers, its side effects should not be ignored. They include:

  • Decreased tear production
  • Light-headedness
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoia

Growing Blueberry Cannabis Seeds

Cultivating the weed seeds requires extensive knowledge of weed farming. Although the seeds do well both indoors and outdoors, growing them outdoors ensures higher yields. Moreover, warm climates and slightly windy conditions are best to prevent possible mold and fungal infections.

The plant reaches three meters when mature and takes at least eight weeks to flower. When grown under proper conditions, the weed seeds produce lots of leaves and flowers, which equate to high yields.


Blueberry weed seeds average yields are 300 to 500 grams for each meter squared when grown in favorable conditions.

Growing marijuana has been made simpler due to the right information we provide to farmers. Growing Cannabis Australia continues to educate you on the best online seed bank. Visit our site regularly for more information about weed seeds.

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