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Looking For A Couchlock High? – Buy Chemo Strain Seeds!

First bred in the 1970s, Chemo strain seeds were one of the first hybrids created for medical marijuana patients. As you might’ve guessed, this earthy indica was specifically designed to ease the side effects of chemotherapy.

Typical of indicas, Chemo offers users a full-body sensation that’s excellent after a stressful day. In addition to its deeply relaxing qualities, Chemo is also said to stimulate appetite and reduce nausea.

Although Chemo seeds were created for cancer patients, that doesn’t mean this strain doesn’t have other medicinal applications. Indeed, as more people learn about Chemo’s effects, this hybrid is becoming increasingly popular in the legal recreational marijuana market.

Anyone interested in a robust indica smoke with predominately earthy aromatics might enjoy growing a batch of high-quality Chemo strain seeds. Please keep reading to find out more info on this significant medical marijuana strain.

Where Did The Chemo Strain Originate?

The truth is, nobody knows the exact history of Chemo strain seeds. However, the most popularly accepted theory is that a professor at the University of British Columbia developed this hybrid in the early 1970s. According to some accounts, Dr. David Suzuki played a central role in creating this strain, but the famed professor has yet to claim any involvement.

Unfortunately, we also don’t know a great deal about Chemo’s genetic heritage. It’s clear Chemo is a hybrid, but what strains went into Chemo’s genotype remains elusive. However, most cultivators feel confident that Chemo is a purebred indica due to its physical effects, dense buds, and short stature.

Please note: many marijuana websites refer to the Chemo strain as UBC Chemo due to its association with British Columbia. Understandably, some new smokers mistakenly assume UBC Chemo is a variant of the original Chemo weed strain. In reality, both of these names refer to the same hybrid, so it doesn’t matter whether you order seeds listed as UBC Chemo or Chemo.

How To Grow Chemo Strain Seeds

For many years, it was incredibly difficult for cannabis cultivators to get their hands on Chemo strain seeds. Indeed, most at-home cultivators had to seek out stable clones if they were interested in growing Chemo.

Thankfully, reputable sites like I Love Growing Marijuana now ship high-quality feminized Chemo seeds around the world. Plus, as medical marijuana becomes more accepted by mainstream doctors, cannabis cultivators are more open about sharing growing techniques with novices.

Here are a few essential facts to keep in mind before growing your first batch of Chemo strain seeds.

What’s The Best Environment For Chemo Strain Seeds?

Unlike other hybrids, Chemo doesn’t appear to be picky about its environment. Although it does best in warm, Mediterranean climates, it’s also fairly hardy and can handle a few chilly nights. This makes Chemo easy to grow both indoors and outdoors.

What Does The Chemo Strain Look Like?

The Chemo weed strain has many physical traits characteristic of pure indicas: short stature, dense buds, and bush-like appearance. Usually, you don’t have to worry about these seeds growing higher than three feet, which makes them perfect for home-growers with limited space.

In terms of color, Chemo plants tend to have a dull green with a noticeable sheen of white trichomes. If your seeds are exposed to a slight chill outside, you might notice a tinge of purple.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Chemo Strain Seeds?

There’s no average flowering schedule for the Chemo weed strain, but the standard range is between 8 – 10 weeks. How long it takes your Chemo seeds to grow mostly depends on the grow medium you’re using. People who use hydroponics tend to get the fastest results.

Are Chemo Seeds Well-Suited For Beginner Growers?

The most challenging thing about planting Chemo seeds is that we don’t have a vast amount of evidence on proper growing techniques. Even though this strain seems to be resistant to mold, home-growers should have some experience growing a few easier indicas before trying Chemo seeds. As long as you feel comfortable cultivating standard indicas, you probably won’t have a big issue with Chemo seeds.

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What Are The Chemo Strain’s Effects & Flavors?

Now that you know a bit about growing Chemo, you’re probably wondering whether all of that gardening is worth your time and effort. Well, if you like a heavy full-body stone with an earthy taste, you won’t be disappointed with Chemo seeds.

For more details on Chemo’s effects and flavors, please read the info below.

What Are UBC Chemo’s Typical Effects?

Considering Chemo is a purebred indica with THC around 20 percent, it’s no surprise this strain offers users a potent physical high. Many users also report analgesic and anti-anxiety effects after just a few puffs of Chemo.

Since Chemo will induce couchlock sedation, please plan to use this strain late in the day. Also, keep in mind Chemo was partially designed to help people with appetite issues. It’s a good idea to have a bag of your favorite snack nearby—because you’re not going to want to walk to the pantry after you start smoking!

How Does The Chemo Strain Taste & Smell?

Most people only need one word to describe UBC Chemo’s flavor: “earthy.” Considering Chemo was created primarily for its effects, it makes sense this strain doesn’t have a particularly nuanced terpene profile. However, that’s not necessarily a bad trait, especially if you dig woodsy aromatics like fresh pine.

Although Chemo’s most pronounced flavors are earthy, some users have noted subtle hints of citrus. If you detect these bright notes, most likely you’ll taste them as you exhale.

Need A Couchlock Chill? Buy Chemo Strain Seeds

Whether you’re interested in marijuana’s medicinal potential or you’re looking for a way to mellow out, Chemo strain seeds are an excellent option for home-growers. However, for the best results, you need to go with a successful seed bank like I Love Growing Marijuana. Thankfully, ILGM now offers exceptional Chemo strain seeds for Australian customers. Not only does ILGM offer free shipping to Australia, they’ll also send a replacement batch if your seeds get damaged.

If you feel that Chemo might be too strong for you, no worries; ILGM offers plenty of other fantastic medical marijuana strains. A few strains on ILGM that provide effects similar to Chemo include Northern Lights, Gorilla Glue #1, and Master Kush.

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