Cannabis Ruderalis

All About Cannabis Ruderalis

Ruderalis is a strain of cannabis that doesn’t contain a lot of THC. This particular type of cannabis has different characteristics than cannabis sativa and cannabis indica.

Origins Of Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis ruderalis originated throughout areas of Asia, Central Europe and Eastern Europe. It is still grown as a weed in Russia, and it has been around for thousands of years. Fast forward to present day, ruderalis grows in the wild near highways and other high traffic areas.

D.E. Janischewsky, a Russian botanist, is thought to be the first person to discover ruderalis. He was studying cannabis and noticed that there was a plant that was different in regards to size, shape and its seeds than other cannabis plants that were already classified.

Ruderalis Strains

Ruderalis seeds are often used to create auto-flowering hybrid strains of weed. Therefore, the majority of ruderalis strains on the market are a hybrid/cross of other strains. Ruderalis plants are not suitable to use for recreational purposes, but the plant’s self-flourishing properties makes it popular among growers. Not only that, but ruderalis seeds are extremely resistant to harsh weather, which is another reason growers are fans of it.


Ruderalis strains are not like other cannabis strains. A few key characteristic that make it standout are:

  • The strain is the smallest type of cannabis
  • Ruderalis buds are very small, but they are very dense
  • The stems are sturdy and thick
  • The plants are resistant to insects and various pests

Those are a few of the main characteristics of the plant. However, perhaps the most unique characteristic of all is it doesn’t require a light cycle in order for the seeds to flower. What propels the seeds to proceed into the flowering stage are size and age.

Effects & Benefits

The ruderalis plant doesn’t contain high levels of THC, which is why using it in its purest form won’t result in a high. If the strain is crossed-bred with other strains, then it can produce a high. However, strains of ruderalis cannabis contains high levels of CBD, which is why a lot of people use it. Some of the benefits of this strain include:

1. Nausea- The plant is thought to be effective at treating nausea that’s caused by cancer. It can also be used to treat nausea caused by cancer treatments such as chemo or prescription medicines.

2. Loss Of Appetite- People who have certain illnesses, such as HIV, often experience loss of appetite. Ruderalis can help people gain their appetite back. In turn, this can result in weight fain.

3. Sclerosis- It can also treat sclerosis. Sclerosis comes in various forms, but ruderalis has been shown to be effective in treating it, regardless of the form.

4. Crohn’s- Those who suffer with Crohn’s Disease have used ruderalis to treat the pain caused by it.

Asides from the above, cannabis ruderalis is often used to treat various nerve pain. It is also effective for treating epilepsy. Many people have suffered with epilepsy and have been able to reduce the occurrences of seizures by using this type of cannabis. Other conditions it has been used to treat includes memory problems, Alzheimer’s Disease and bipolar.

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As previously mentioned, ruderalis isn’t used for recreational purposes. Only a handful of countries, including Mongolia and Russia, use the plant in pure form for medicinal purposes. More specifically, a lot of people in those countries use it to treat depression, as well as sclerosis.

People who want to cultivate it can purchase ruderalis seeds, but if they want to use it for recreational purposes, then ruderalis has to be crossbreed with sativa and indica strains.

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