Cannabis Seed Storage

Cannabis Seed Storage

You may have some cannabis seeds that you want to plant later. The seeds may be from various strains or one strain that you intend to plant. As a new grower, you may be confused about what to do with the unused seeds.

Identifying the strain can help you take the necessary storage measures to keep the seeds viable even after a long time. Cannabis seeds will need to be stored properly to preserve their quality and potency of the strain.

You should understand the two categories of weed seeds to choose a suitable storage method. Orthodox seeds enter a dormant stage, which ensures that they survive drying. Unorthodox seeds are more susceptible to drying and will need proper storage.

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Why is Seed Storage Important?

Proper storage of weed seeds is necessary because it ensures that the seeds are feasible for future production of the strain. Here are two reasons why proper storage is vital.

Strain Reproduction

Those who keep the cannabis seeds seek to use the strain for research and improve the strain. Once one has developed a new weed strain, the seeds require proper storage for later reproduction.

Key Elements to Consider When Storing Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis weed storage may be determined by both environmental and methods applied. Environmental factors determine the viability of the seed and quality as well. These ecological elements include:

• Moisture; Water promotes the seed to germinate prematurely. The cannabis seeds should be concealed from moisture exposure that may cause them to turn moldy.

• Temperature; If you decide to store marijuana seeds in a refrigerator, then you should keep it that way. Most cannabis seeds require cold and glacial. Varying temperatures may interfere with the genetic integrity of the cannabis seeds.

• Light; Light will promote germination. Overexposure to sunlight may cause the seeds to germinate prematurely and break the seed dormancy. In this case, a dark place will do the trick.

• Oxygen; Seed exposure to air will cause the seed to germinate prematurely. Keeping the seeds in an airtight space will prevent oxygen exposure.

The seed needs to be dried before storage but should not be completely dry as it may result in seed death.

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Storage Methods

Use of Desiccants

Cannabis seeds need to be stored in a cool dark place. A desiccant can be used to store the seeds in a container. A packaged desiccant will work to absorb most of the water and can be found at selective stores.

Rice also acts as a desiccant, but you will have to make regular replacements. Ensure that you properly label your container that contains the desiccant along with the preserved seeds.

Storage Containers

You can also opt to store your cannabis seeds in suitable storage containers. You can use airtight zip bags to store your weed seeds. Vacuum sealers are much useful in saving cannabis seeds as they help to lock out air and moisture that may cause early germination or rot.

You should also avoid containers with lids and bodies made from different materials. This is because they expand at different rates and thus leave the seeds exposed to moisture and air.

Properly stored cannabis seeds will remain viable for a very long time. To attain seed longevity, it is imperative to keep the seed integrity intact.

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