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Purchasing Discount Marijuana Seeds Australia

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Growing Discount Marijuana Seeds at Home

Growing cheap weed seeds at home is consistently increasing in popularity. Some individuals grow marijuana for medical use, while other cultivate cannabis seeds for recreational use. Two of the most popular options are purchasing cheap seeds or finding cannabis seed deals. Due to the many individuals demanding high-quality cannabis seeds, the cost is generally high. An intricate process is required to ensure the seeds are high quality prior to reaching the hands of consumers. Learn how to purchase seeds legally at ILGM

Due to recent advancements, more varieties of seeds are available. Planting is easier whether the consumer chooses autoflowering, feminized, feminized autoflowering or regular seeds. Despite the affordability and deals on pot seeds, there are risks including seeds refusing to germinate. Quality is not guaranteed with cheaper cannabis seeds. The majority of reputable bands guarantee their products to protect the reputation and name of the brand. Even though the price is higher, the consumer knows quality seeds are being purchased.

Finding Cannabis Seed Deals

The best option is checking online sites selling cannabis seeds. One of the best banks is Crop King Seeds. Any type of marijuana strain can be purchased online regardless of the location of the seed bank. Online purchases eliminate the need to wait in a long line while ensuring the purchase and delivery are anonymous. These types of quality seeds are available cheaper. Visit ILGM to find cheap seeds.

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Promotions and Discount Offers for Cheap Weed Seeds

Most online seed banks offer special discounts. The majority of the discounts and promotions offer a percentage off for the most popular and special varieties of cannabis seeds. New shops and seed banks provide promotional offers such as free seeds for qualifying purchases, or free local delivery or shipment. Prior to placing an order, make certain the promotion is valid. Determine if the purchase qualifies by reading the terms and conditions for the specific offer. A wide variety of seeds are available at ILGM’s Store

Free Deliveries and Shipments

A large part of the cost of purchasing cannabis seeds online is the delivery fee for the shipment. The cost of both delivery and shipment is considerably higher for individuals purchasing from an international seed bank, or living in a remote area. The best option to help eliminate these fees is purchasing from an international seed bank offering either shipping discounts or free shipping with a minimum purchase. Free shipping is often available at ILGM seed bank

Bulk Seeds and Promotions

Discount marijuana seeds can be obtained through promotions for free seeds. Many seed banks include a minimum of two free packs of seeds for each package ordered. Some banks are extremely generous, offering a promo for every pack of seeds purchased. Making certain the cannabis seeds are high quality is just as important as the benefits of the promotion. Cannabis seeds from a new supplier need to be grown cautiously until the quality of the seeds has been determined. Promotions are frequently available at IloveGrowingMarijuana

Benefits of Purchasing Marijuana Seeds in Bulk

Certain seed banks provide a cheaper price for purchasing in bulk. This type of purchase offers cheaper or free options for shipment and delivery including stealth delivery. The most important aspect is making certain the seeds are well-protected during shipment. Even without a bulk order, stealth shipping is available through almost all seed banks. Be careful because some banks have an additional charge for this option. Some of the banks offering stealth delivery are detailed at ILGM seed deliveries

The chance of the order being received successfully greatly improves with stealth delivery. When the seeds are sent this way, the package is either included with a gift item or shipped in an unmarked package to avoid detection. The majority of individuals purchasing cannabis seeds insist on stealth delivery for this reason. Even if additional shipping is required, the results are worth the extra cost.

Australia's #1 Marijuana Seed Bank: I Love Growing Marijuana

Operated by Robert Bergman, a veteran grower with over 25 years of growing experience in the Netherlands, ILGM has been successfully stealth shipping cannabis seeds worldwide, with an impressive distribution of prolific strains, offering feminized, fast flowering, autoflowering strains, and regular strains


Purchasing Cannabis Seeds Through a Local Seed Bank

Another way to purchase cannabis seeds for less is by going through a local seed bank. When the seeds are obtained from a local bank, there is no need to pay for shipment or delivery. The seeds are purchased at a physical location, taken home, then grown. Most local seed banks will require identification. This is not an issue since the verification procedure is short. Once complete, purchasing the seeds desired is easy.

Many of the local seed banks do not have a large number of seeds on hand. Some make limited purchases. This means a wait may be necessary if the stock needs to be replenished by the seed bank. Any wait can usually be eliminated by making an online purchase. Online orders are generally filled and shipped fairly quickly. Cannabis seeds are available for purchase in Australia at ILGM online store

Finding Local Cannabis Seed Deals

Marijuana seeds can be purchased both locally and cheaply. At certain times of the year, the price of the seeds is much more affordable. Seed banks often have celebrations before or on April 20th including offering some excellent deals such as discounted rates and free items. In certain areas, seed banks offer discounts on weekends and Fridays. Special themes are available including Sativa Wednesdays or Indica Fridays. This is an excellent way to purchase the most desirable strains at the best prices.

Taking Care with Discounts and Exceptional Deals

The majority of seed banks entice customers with special deals and discounts. Seed banks in the United States and Canada offer discounts for medical customers, teachers and students. The cost of marijuana seeds, accessories, and dried buds is much lower for individuals requiring medical cannabis. Customers interested in landrace strains, feminized strains, and auto-flowering strains are available at a lower-cost for interested customers. More details are available at ILGM store

Saving Money with Online Bulk Purchases

Deals on pot seeds are available by purchasing in bulk from an online seed bank. Since purchases will not need to be made on a regular basis, the customer will save effort, money, and time better spent on actually growing the seeds. The cost of purchasing cannabis seeds in bulk is cheaper. Be careful because the quality is not guaranteed, and might be questionable. Some of the marijuana seeds are older, or contain some type of defect. Prior to making any bulk purchase, find the date the seeds were harvested. This is the best way to prevent the issue of buying extremely old seeds.

Purchasing Cheaper Varieties as Opposed to Popular Strains

Every seed bank offers some seeds cheaper than others. These types of seeds are obtained from regular plants. The more popular the strain, the more expensive the seeds. One of the best ways to save money is by purchasing one of the regular strains.

The Importance of a Good Relationship with the Owner of the Business

Certain discounts can be obtained simply by becoming a good customer. This can be accomplished by making purchases on a regular basis from the seed bank, and establishing a good relationship with the owner. Every time a purchase is made, the owner should be consulted for new information regarding cannabis. The customer should be sincere, and show interest in growing cannabis plants at home. The shop owner should be acknowledged during every visit, with family and friends sent as referrals. Eventually, the shop owner will start providing the customer with discounts.

Growing Marijuana Seeds at Home

The best way to obtain cannabis cheaply is by growing seeds at home. This eliminates the need to purchase seeds online or locally. Cannabis seeds are not difficult to grow. If the individual grows more seeds than required, they can either be given away or sold. Growing seeds is beneficial in numerous ways including learning how to grow the different varieties of marijuana. The time spent waiting for an order to arrive is eliminated because the individual has unlimited seeds available. Due to the endless supply, planting can be done throughout the year.

The Most Important Factors Regarding Cheap Cannabis Seeds

There are considerations when purchasing from an online seed bank in addition to the discounts and prices currently available. To help ensure quality, the seed bank must be reputable and reliable. Purchases should only be made when the seed bank has good reviews, and a great reputation. When cheap seeds have been purchased, the viability must be checked prior to germinating the seeds. Viability can be established in several different ways. The seeds should be hard, have a dark coloration, and a heavy weight.

The shape of the seeds should be perfect. The surface should also have light markings. As long as the seeds purchased are of high quality, there is no reason to be concerned about buying cheaper cannabis seeds. For information on strains resistant to mold, visit ILGM official website


The Most Popular Strains


Ice was bred specifically for the production of high-quality and quantity weed. This strain is ideal for growing more marijuana a lot less expensively. Ice contains all of the best qualities of Skunk, Northern Light, Shiva and Afghan. This means Ice is one of the most special strains currently available. Ice is ideal for growing both outdoors and indoors. The average yield per square meter is between 400 and 500 grams. The flowering period is short at roughly eight to 10 weeks. This ensures a faster payout for the investment.

The effect of Ice includes both a feeling of being stoned and a great high. This variety offers a nice buzz for everyone in addition to a good head trip. Once experienced, the individual almost always makes another purchase. Some of the best marijuana strains available are detailed at ILGM 


One of the easiest strains of marijuana to grow is Carmelicious. The flavor is delicious, and the yield is high. This is one of the most popular strains due to the enticing caramel flavor. Carmelicious is a short plant, ensuring it is both easy to grow and conceal. The flavor is distinctly unique. This strain is extremely potent, working well for both medical and recreational marijuana.

The effect of Carmelicious relaxing, with the stoned effect placing the user at ease. Numerous individuals prefer this strain due to the excellent strength and substantial high offered. This is generally a very simple strain to grow. Flowering can be expected within a period of just eight weeks. The large yield makes Carmelicious an excellent option for everyone.

Original Skunk

The original Skunk strain has been crossbred numerous times. The result is a wide variety of strains offering a unique set of features. Despite the amount of time that has passed since becoming established, the original strain remains popular. Skunk was originally established during the 1970s. This strain is just as good now as it ever was. Skunk can be grown either outdoors or indoors by novice growers to experienced veterans.

This strain is exceptionally easy to grow. The chance of losing money due to seeds unable to sprout, a bad batch of seeds, or plants that do not fully mature are slim. Skunk is not a picky strain, so it is much harder to make a mistake. Skunk can be bred with a lot of different strains. The result are good. This means making just a small investment upfront offers a large potential for variety. This is a good starter strain for anyone still new to growing marijuana at home.