girl scout cookies strain

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookies strain

Girl Scout Cookies is a potent strain of weed that has a deceptively innocuous name. It is a favorite for many users, thanks to its powerful effect once smoked. If you are looking for a mind-blowing high, then this is just the strain for you.

  • Plant Type 80% Indica 20% Sativa hybrid
  • Strength High: 24%
  • Stone Buzz
  • Flowers Autoflower
  • Height 65cm-100cm
  • Yield 600g/m22
  • Harvest 70-75 days

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The strain is a hybrid between the OG Kush and the F1 Durban Poison strains. It strikes a perfect balance between the relaxing effects of an Indica and the elation-inducing power of a Sativa. With a 20-25% concentration of THC, it is little wonder that this is one of the most popular weed strains in the world.

This herb emerged from the Bay Area in Northern California in 2010. It was made popular by the rapper Berner, and soon many people realized what a gem it was.

The plant has a silver-ish appearance bordering on black. Once lit, it produces a spicy, sweet aroma, hence the name Girl Scout Cookies.

Its taste is, however, anything but cookie-like. It has a minty flavor, but that is about all the positives there are to its palatability. Nevertheless, if you are willing to persevere past the bland and sometimes bitter taste of the herb, you will discover a priceless addition to your smoking list.

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The Uses of GSC Cannabis

This weed strain is THC rich but CBD poor. This means it is better suited for recreational purposes than for medicinal ones.

Once you smoke it, you should expect to become more sociable and jolly. If you want to spice up your card game or to laugh your heart out when watching a sitcom, this is the right strain for you.

If you also want to have some intriguing conversations with your friends, smoking a blunt of Girls Scout Cookies cannabis seeds will get you into the perfect mood.

Although the strain is not ideal for medical uses, it still does an excellent job of calming the nerves and soothing anxiety. It can help minimize nausea as well.

Storage Tips for Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds

If you have excess GSC seeds that you do not intend to plant any time soon, you ought to know how to store them right. Poor storage can lead to the destruction of the seeds. You don’t want to discover that your seeds are not viable after planting them, do you?

With Girl Scout Cookie Cannabis seeds, the first thing you must avoid is moisture. Humidity causes seed destruction in two main ways; through inducing premature germination and promoting mold growth.

If your seeds start germinating prematurely, it means that they will use up the essential nutrients that they need when you do finally plant them. Mold, on the other hand, causes plenty of damage to the plant. For the best results, make sure that you store your seeds in a dry place.

Secondly, ensure that you store the Girl Scout Cookies weed seeds in a dark place. Too much exposure to light will signal to the seeds that it is time to germinate even before you plant them. Like moisture, light causes the seeds to deplete nutrients, thus reducing their viability severely.

Moreover, store your seeds under stable temperature conditions, preferably under low temperatures. The fridge and refrigerator are ideal for this purpose. Just ensure that you watch out for excess moisture and too much light.

Finally, try to minimize exposure to oxygen. Oxygen also promotes germination, which is the last thing you want with stored seeds.


The Girl Scout Cookie weed strain is extremely popular and for a good reason too. It is potent and produces just the right effect after smoking.

If you are like most people, you may want to grow some of your weed so that you have a reliable supply of the herb. But before you can plant the grass, you must know how to store the Girl Scout Cookies weed seeds properly.

Proper storage requires minimal exposure to light, stable temperature conditions, no moisture, and little, if any, exposure to oxygen. In short, keep the seeds dry, cold and dark, and you are good to go.

For all your GSC seeds, reach out to us at Grow Weed Australia. We have the best quality seeds in the market, and we are sure that you will love our offerings. Don’t hesitate to call us; we look forward to hearing from you.

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