How to Grow Cannabis

How to Grow Cannabis – Hydroponics

Are you considering growing weed with hydroponics? Growing weed without soil may seem unusual to beginners, which is the case with hydroponics. This technique uses water rather than soil. When using this method, you need to ensure that the water is nutrient-infused. Read on to understand how to go weed with hydroponics.

Hydroponic farming methods include:

  • Wick System – Uses wicks to move water up to the roots.
  • Drip System – The water is directly dropped where the plant needs it.
  • Ebb and Flow – The nutrient solution is pumped to the planting base until it fills up, then drained back to the storage.
  • Nutrient Film – The nutrient water solution flows past the plants’ roots like a stream, and the roots absorb it.
  • Aeroponics – The roots of the cannabis are sprayed with the nutrient solution at specific intervals.

Regardless of the farming method you choose, you need to clearly understand the right nutrients for your cannabis to ensure you reap an abundant harvest. Note that the distribution of the nutrients is different from growing your weed in the soil.

Over the years, many cannabis growers have been opting for hydroponics farming over the use of soil. This is because the use of soil comes with various disadvantages, such as;

  • Having soil indoors is quite messy
  • Can’t monitor the amount of nutrients
  • Need to control the pH levels constantly

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Benefits of Weed Growing In Water

  • Fast Growth – Since plants are coming into direct contact with nutrients, they absorb them faster. Thus, they grow at a rapid rate than cultivating them traditionally.
  • Large Quantity – You harvest more by using this method because you can plant more seeds on a small space.
  • No weeds – Since you’re not using soil, there is no chance of weeds growing together with your cannabis.
  • Less Susceptible to Pests – Most of the plants’ diseases and pests are soil-borne, and this method eliminates the need for soil hence low chances of pest attack on your cannabis.

Nutrients for Cannabis

When growing cannabis with water as the medium, you control all the necessary nutrients for the plant. The required nutrients are classified into:

  • Macro Nutrients – The three essential nutrients are Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus
  • Micro Nutrients – Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Sulphur, Zinc, and Boron.

Many companies produce the nutrient solution for different stages of your plant. These nutrient solutions are available in solution or powder form. When mixing the nutrients, take a few samples to ensure that your solution is safe for weed growth and not choke your plants.

Selecting Your Growing Medium

When selecting the medium, choose an item that holds and separates the roots from the stem. The medium should be porous to both air and water. There are various mediums available for weed growth. Before making your selection, you need to use the trial and error method on multiple mediums and settle for the one that works best for your plant.


Rockwool is created from volcanic rocks and has a wool texture. The Rockwool has excellent water retention capacity and will ensure the upper root is well hydrated.

Clay Pebbles

Clay Pebbles are the most popular medium. They ensure proper aeration of roots and are placed in planting containers that have room for root growth.

Coco coir

This medium is from coconut fibers that allow the proper circulation of air and moisture retention. The coconut fibers also protect the roots from infections.


Perlite is often used in garden soils for proper air circulation that’s why it’s beneficial to use it as a medium for weed growth.

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