Lemon Skunk Seeds

Lemon Skunk Seeds


Lemon Skunk Feminized Seeds

True to its name, the Lemon Skunk strain has a bright citrusy taste and a powerful high that’ll leave you feeling cheerful and bubbly for the rest of the day. The euphoric sativa is balanced out with a gentle relaxation that helps you be productive instead of gluing you to the couch. 

  • THC 15%-22%
  • CBD 1%
  • Height Tall
  • Outdoor Yield 28 oz/plant
  • Indoor Yield 18 oz/m2
  • Harvest 8-9 Weeks

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This strain is a cross between two different Skunk phenotypes, giving you that high you’re seeking with minimal side effects. You can easily grow the Lemon Skunk weed strain indoors or outdoors, although you can expect a bigger yield if you grow it outside. Unlike other strains, Lemon Skunk does surprisingly well in relatively cooler climates.

Origin of Lemon Skunk Strain

Lemon Skunk is a cross between two different types of Skunk that were selected by DNA Genetics. The strain combines one strain from Las Vegas and another from Holland to create a bright, cheery, award-winning strain that’s loved by users around the world. In 2009, High Times placed Lemon Skunk on its list of top ten cannabis strains. Lemon Skunk combines the best traits of its parents to create an easy-to-grow strain with a large yield and an incredibly potent high.

Growing Lemon Skunk Seeds

Lemon Skunk is an easygoing plant that doesn’t require excess maintenance, making it an ideal choice for new growers. The plant grows quickly and can handle cooler environments than other strains, although it still requires plenty of sunlight and nutrients. You can expect a large yield from this plant, whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors.

What climate does this strain grow best in?

Unlike other strains, which require a hot, dry climate year-round, Lemon Skunk can withstand slightly cooler temperatures. However, you might need to protect your plants if you get large amounts of rainfall. This strain requires lots of sunlight and produces a larger yield when it’s grown outdoors. For best results, don’t grow this plant outdoors unless you live in an area with a cool, dry climate that lasts well into October. This strain does well indoors, but it can reach towering heights, so you’ll have to trim it to keep it from getting overgrown.

Feeding this particular strain

Lemon Skunk needs plenty of nutrients to grow big and healthy, but be cautious about adding fertilizer: too many nutrients can be toxic to your plants. Certain fertilizers need to be added at different points in the plant’s cycle, and some soil comes with fertilizers built-in. Look up the Lemon Skunk grow cycle to see when you need to add nutrients.

Flowering and Yield

If you’re growing indoors, you can expect yields of about 18 ounces per square meter. If you’re growing outdoors, you can expect a whopping 28 ounces of bud per plant. Your plants will start flowering in a little over two months. For outdoor plants, you’ll start harvesting around the start of October.

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Experiencing Lemon Skunk Strain

Lemon Skunk is essentially pure happiness in a bud. When you first take a puff, you’ll feel happier and more giggly than you have in months. All your troubles will melt away, and the world will seem fun and exciting again. You’ll be so happy and cheerful that you’ll feel like singing in the streets as you go about your day. But you’ll also feel contented and relaxed, as the strain melts away the tension that’s been building up inside your body for months.

This strain might be intense, but it’s not overwhelming. You won’t find yourself trapped on the couch all day, stuck in a disorienting high. You’ll be able to interact, socialize, and complete your daily tasks–although it’s not recommended that you use this strain before going to work. You’ll find yourself laughing and giggling at nothing, and be in such a cheery mood that you can’t remember why you ever felt depressed.

Lemon Skunk does have a few side effects, particularly if you take more than a moderate dosage. You might experience dizziness, dry mouth, itchy eyes, headaches, and paranoia. Because of these side effects, this strain is not recommended for beginning smokers.


  • Fresh citrus taste and aroma
  • Hits you with a burst of euphoria
  • Puts you in a happy, cheerful mood
  • Relaxes your body
  • Stabilizes your mood
  • Increases your creativity and focus
  • Turns you into the life of the party

Lemon Skunk Strain Taste and Smell

Lemon Skunk starts off with the fresh, fruity scent of lemon that’s combined with a pungent skunk odor, leaving a sour, earthy aftertaste. This strain has all the tangy flavor of a glass of lemonade, but with the added benefit of a mind-altering high.

This strain is prized as a medicinal strain because of its ability to relieve pain, stress, and tension. Many smokers use Lemon Skunk to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety and help them recapture that childhood happiness that they haven’t found in years. Some patients also use this strain to give them the energy they need to be productive throughout the day. Lemon Skunk can help stabilize your mood and clear out the negative thoughts that have been plaguing you for weeks or months. It’s best enjoyed in the daytime, although some smokers use Lemon Skunk to combat their insomnia.

Buy Lemon Skunk Seeds

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